Distillate is a thick oil typically testing within the range of 75 to 95% THC. These oils are Good Titrations top shelf oil. When this oil is not in a disposable C Cell cartridge, it is sold in a borosilicate glass syringe. Good Titrations distillate oil comes in a variety of flavors. This product comes in half grams but whole grams can be arranged when ordering ahead. This product is best consumed by vaping it in a vape pen or when dabbed on a heated or electronic nail. When used in a vape pen this oil is discrete. For ease of use, it is suggested to gently warm the borosilicate syringe with a lighter before dispensing. (Do not warm plastic syringes with a lighter) This product is best suited for the consumer with a high tolerance to THC.

This one is a sweet berry delight to keep you warm at night.